WIP: Particles

July 16, 2010

We are still working on repair all of the bugs in the alpha version, and the newest things we have to show is some particles that we are adding to the game.

Door/Button particle effect:

When a button is pressed, the button itself and the door connected to it, show this effect

Cannon Shot Smoke:

Floating Spores and Golem Jump Landing:

This is recorded on the Golem Boss level, only to show the spores floating and the effect when the golem finish the jump. We’ll add a video of the full version of the level in a few weeks

Creature Death:

First test of the particle effect when the creature dies

Floating Clouds:

An alternative floating spores effect

More Smoke Effects:

Creature Fire Breath:

We have added a new golem jump landing effect before making the post:

Suggestions and comments would be appreciated!