Cave areas

Every door leads to a different world!

Now you know the plot of the game… and everything happends inside a misterious cave.

But we are talking about a wonderful cave of magic, wonders and awesomeness and obviously it won’t be just stalactites and rocks.

The cave is split in five different areas: Ancient Ruins, Crystal cave, Abandoned mine, Subterranean jungle and Volcano. You will acces to the different zones through the level select, but let me introduce them a little bit…

First Area: Ancient ruins

Ancient Ruins Door

Some strange, mighty and ancient civilization buit these ruins milleniums ago… now is a desolated place, filled with strange machines made of rock, and strange inscriptions on the walls, maybe profecies…

Danger everywhere!

Also, the leyends talk about a powerful keeper that lure into these ruins protecting it from strangers. But you don’t trust legends, do you?

Second Area: Crystal cave

Rocks and crystals... lots of them!

These wonderful tunnels have never been explored by any civilitzation. They are very beautiful and comfortable… a fresh and a little bit humid ambient. There are strange shiny crystals everywhere, emmiting light and you can walk around without even using a torch.

They are going to protect their territory

But I’m afraid that the inhabitants of this area are not very friendly…

Third Area: Abandoned Mine

The favourite of mine

A mine! narrow corridors, minerals, mining tools, yellow lights, lamps, railway trucks… and wood! everything is made of wood. Who has built all this? It’s impossible to know because once again there is no sign of living forms, besides of the masked foes that chase you everywhere (Don’t worry, there will be a post talking about the enemies soon)

You will have to use your head!

This mine is full of mechanisms… buttons, boxes, doors… somebody worked so hard to build all these. But where are the miners? Their disappearance is surely relatod with something creepy and extremely evil that stalks at the deepest part of these tunnels.

Fourth Area: Underground Jungle

What a wonderful place!

It’s plenty of vegetal lifeforms! But… how can it be? there is no sunlight into this cave! Easy… there is a strange kind of plant that emmits light. This light is very similar to the sun and the other plants use it to grow… but how could the first plants grow? These are too many questions! What was created before? The chicken or the egg?

The stage is alive!

All the world seems to be alive inside this jungle… everything is moving and is very difficult to stand on your feet and avoid the spikes or other kinds of environmental dangers.


This is the most dangerous and frightening area of all. It’s completely impossible to take pictures of it, because our cameras melted with the extreme temperatures. I’m afraid that the only way to see this part of the cave is completing all the other areas and getting inside by yourself. But I have to warn you… inside this part of the cave, the most evil and powerful monster ever known awaits you. It won’t let you reach your freedom without a fight so you’ better be ready.

Drvtry strs: yjr drvtry xpmr

upi mrrf sddodysmvr yp trsvj yjod strs… oy vsm’y nr gpimf nu upit pem…


Hint: use the keyboard to understand the secret message…


One Response to Cave areas

  1. Maxim says:

    You need assistance to reach this area… it can’t be found by your own…

    Really looking forward to this game, lovely trailer ^^

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