Creature skills: Horns

This is the first post talking about the creature skills!

Some of you may have heard about them (maybe with an awesome song in an outstanding trailer), but I’m going to explain some of them here, in the blog.

And today we are going to talk about Horns!!

The horns are the creature’s only natural weapon. They are extremely unbreakable and can be used for opening cans, scratch cars, pierce foes, smash through walls, and even stick yourself to ceilings and floors like a dart!

This part of the body has brought lots of game design troubles. We wanted the horns to work with just one button (as the other parts). You can unsheathe them with shift, but… how can you destroy something that is right under you? We thought about using a special attack, some kind of megaton jump, like mario… but the idea didn’t like us so much, because we wanted to keep controls as simple as possible.

Finally, we have the solution: the horns will follow your movement while you are jumping. They will aim high while you rise and they will aim down while you fall.

Tips for using your horns properly:

  • You will stick to any ceiling or roof that you touch while you use your horns and you will remain there until you sheathe them. Remaining sticked can sometimes be beneficial… or extremely mortal!!!!
  • Any enemy that touches the horns with a minimum speed will be killed instantly. The horns are the only way to kill some enemies, but sometimes is better to keep them alive!
  • Breaking rocks can be fun… everybody enjoys destruction! But don’t be fool, the broken stones are irreparable, and they can be useful as a bridge if you don’t break them.

As you can see, is not easy to determine where you should use your powerful horns or where they shouldn’t. It’s a thinking game, so remember:

To use your horns, you’ll have to use your head.


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