OST – Crystal Lullaby

This is the “crystal lullaby”. One of the songs inside the OST of our game.

Crystal Lullaby

This is a demo of the final music that doesn’t represent the quality of the final product.

This music belongs to the crystal caves. The glockenspiel offers a mystic and fragil ambient while the piano keeps the mood, with a walking rythm. It’s prepared to loop again and again (in this audio stream you will be ablo to listen two loops, with different intensity)
All the musics have a misterious tone, like the game itself; and they are very different, as the areas in the cave. But there are some common elements between them.
Our game will be a mind-challenging platformer, so the music must transmit progress, walking attitude but without hurry, without stress.
Also all the musics need to remember a cave, and how do we do that?

  • Caves are natural places so we use natural sounds, no syntethic instruments like keyboards or electric guitars.
  • Caves are closed spaces, so we need to use closed music. Small harmonies, minor tunes and a small bunch of instruments instead of a whole orchestra with chorus playing fortissimo.
  • The original sounds inside caves are water drips and wind streams… that’s why we need high tones with short notes, and a continuous stream of deep instruments.
  • Also we use minor chords on mayor harmonies to represent the frustrated notes colliding with the ceiling ant the walls while trying to flow… but this is starting to get a little bit too metaphysical…

More music, and other game elements tomorrow! Thank you for your interest!


4 Responses to OST – Crystal Lullaby

  1. Shabih says:

    We want to know more about the song!!

  2. More info about this and other songs soon!
    The full OST will be included with the game for downloading, also.

  3. Maxim says:

    Very interesting to see you’re giving it so much thought.

  4. It is certainly a lovely post. An information something like this demonstrates just how steeply the concept is actually thought of by creator.

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