Hey! We are on Sunday! The first week ends here, but the followings will be even better.

I will use this post to explain how the updates will work until the release date, it’s easy:

  • Monday– Game suggestions
  • Tuesday– The creature’s world
  • Wednesday– Enemies
  • Thursday– Music
  • Friday– Skills
  • Saturday– The mask
  • Sunday– Miscellania

In “Game suggestions” we will analize and recommend other videogames that have influenced us somehow.

In “The creature’s world” we will talk about the assets, the interactive stuff, the caves and the friendly beings that inhabit it.

In “Enemies”, we will introduce you to the evil foes, and we will give you some advices for facing them.

“Music”. Enjoy discovering our great OST song by song!

“Skills” talks about the creature itself and all it’s differents habilities. How to use them and what they do.

“The mask” is a compendium of information gathered by the silent explorer, a misterious entity that wanders forever inside the darkest tunnels.

And “Miscellania” is for special things that can’t be predicted such as more trailers, extra information or polls (or even an agenda)!

Keep checking our blog, and thank you again for your support!


2 Responses to Agenda

  1. Maxim says:

    I am impressed by your activeness on your blog :3

  2. this was my first time that i have visited you article and it is awesome ..

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