Game recommendation: Abe’s Odyssey

The first game that we are going to recommend is very special and is not easy to find. It’s a PSX game of 1997, but you can find it for Windows or Playstation Network.

You play as Abe, a mudokon (is a thin, green skinned alien) that works in a giant factory that produces all kind of snacks based on meat. One day he discovers that his bosses are planning to sell mudokon meat to raise their sales… and he becomes the most wanted fugitive when the bosses realize that he knows the secret. While he tries to escape, he will have to free all the mudokons he can.

This is not just an original, fresh, funny, challenging and addictive game, it also changed the videogame history forever. It’s a mix between a puzzle and a platform game, and it was one of the first that didn’t use “lives”. Every time you die, you simply respawn at the last checkpoint. This is very typical nowadays, but then it was something really strange and the game was criticized for it, saying that it was too easy because you just needed to try again and again until you passed every obstacle, without taking care about how many times you died.

But the reality is that is not an easy game. Is one of the most difficult games I’ve ever played, and is even worst if you try to save all the mudokons. They use to be in secret areas, that are very hard to find… but it’s even harder to get out of them alive.

Danger awaits everywhere and there are no hit points at all. You die every time that something hurts you, so you get a free instant kill every time you walk around without being careful.

To survive and to succes you will have to use your brain. The challenges in this game demand a combination of reflexes, and intellect… you can’t just run through danger and jump through gaps until you reach the exit.

Also is a 2D scrolling game that appeared just in the boom of the 3D games, ditinguishind it from everyone and looking for a special aspect, and a special gameplay. There is also a second part, “Abe’s exodus” which I’d also recommend. As good as the original (or even better).

We inspired into this game when we plotted our game design. Our game has also 2D scrolling gameplay, our main character is also trapped and trying to escape and there are some creatures that you will have to rescue while you advance. Also we use the mechanic of: “don’t worry if you die, you can try again in just one second and every time will be better!”; but we wanted our game a little bit easier and that’s why the creature can resist two hits before dying. You will have a second chance to survive if you make a mistake.

Also, our game requires that you use your intellect to pass through the obstacles, there won’t be a obvious way to the exit, you will have to open it somehow, using your own skills and your environment.

There are lots of things to say about this game, and about its original gameplay but I don’t pretend to make an exhaustive analysis…  Just get it, try it… and if you enjoy it, don’t forget to try our game too!

Thank you again for your interest!


One Response to Game recommendation: Abe’s Odyssey

  1. jared says:

    Actually its pretty easy to find as it is on steam now 🙂

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