Funny little creatures!

Not everything is evil inside the magic cave… there are also cute things!

The funny little creatures lived inside the cave peacefully: jumping, singing and doing all kind of adorable things…

But one day, someone catched them all (maybe Ash Ketchum) and confined them into armored magic cages, spread through the cave.

Suddenly, the cave became a creepy, sad place when the happy songs of this little beings disappeared.

But there is still something you can do!

This funny little creatures must be released free again!

There is a secret cage in every level of the game. They are in hiden places and they won’t be easy to find. You can replay every level if you miss one of them (sometimes it will be necessary because you will need skills that you don’t have yet).

Every time you release one of them, they will sing a little song for you and then they will go to a special place: the funny little creature’s world.

Of course, finding all the cages will have a reward… you will unlock special content and gain acces to the little creature’s world, and even find a secret ending! So start looking for them, it will be worthy!

Here you have a video of the cage opening… it’s still an early version and it will improve a lot:

Hint: They are all very cute, but some of them are really FFFFFUUUUUUnny…


3 Responses to Funny little creatures!

  1. bruno zorzi says:


    Soo Nice!

  2. anakunary says:

    jejejej! I love the design of these cute little creatures…well, not the last one!! 😛

  3. Ithil says:

    The prop looks great and, as I once said, the voices of the little critters are so fitting and fun.

    By the way, I’ve got these links on the “possibly related posts” generated by WordPress right below your blog entry:
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