The Creature enemies: The sniper

—One of the evil masked foes that the creature will find inside the cave is the dangerous sniper. Here are some important facts that will help you to understand and face them:
  • Snipers don’t need to defend themselves due to their ability to shrink and hide underground, where they can remain for long periods of time absorbing calcium and other minerals of the rocks, which are transformed into food and bullets by its body.
  • Even so, they are incredibly aggressive creatures that really enjoy inflicting pain and practicing marksmanship. They are the only wild creatures of the cave that kill just for pleasure. They are always looking for some prey to riddle and tend to emerge from the rock suddenly to surprise their victims.

  • Their center of spatial perception is located in the extreme of its guns, which gives them an amazing aim, no matter if they are upside down; hanging from the ceiling.

Be careful if you find them… your best option will be to flee from them, but you can try to use their bullets for your own benefit.

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