Game recommendation: Trine

Today we are going to talk about another game that also influenced us a lot: Trine.

This finnish game is about three different characters (an attractive thief, an inexperienced wizard, and a mighty fat warrior) that accidentally join their souls using an ancient artifact created for joining souls.

They will also have to fight the evil forces that are destroying the peace in our world… but actually that doesn’t seems to be the main problem. The most dangerous thing that the “heroes” will face is the environment itself: Plenty of deadly spikes, burning lava pits, or inaccessible cliffs.

You will have to combine the different skills of the three characters to pass through the obstacles. The warrior can use his shield to stop dangerous stuff, the wizard can summon boxes and platforms and the thief can throw arrows and hang around using an awesome awesome rope. You can switch between them using a button, but it will be funnier if you play with two another friends; one per character. It really offers and interesting and original gameplay.

This game completely beautyful. The ambient of the different stages is simply great. Everything is done with so much care… the light, the assets… all the environment is a piece of art. It uses 2D mechanics and controls, as you advance always from left to right of the stage, but everything is built with 3D models.

The main problem with this game is that sometimes it can become frustrating… some puzzles are simply too difficult to beat and sometimes you simply end up jumping to your own death again and again until you reach the other side of a gap.

The wizard is the most original character… is great, but very difficult to control!

Why “the creature” is similar to trine?

The creature is another kind of game. Is very different in lots of aspects, but we also use a 3D ambient with 2D mechanics. We decided to use this kind of control for two reasons… to make the game easier for novice gamers and to invest more time creating gameplay instead of creating surrounding scenarios or dealing with camera issues or facial expression (guys, remember… if you are designing a third person game; the camera will become one of your worst enemies… and the facial expression).

We have introduced also a character that uses original skills. They are not the common ones (jumping and shooting); and we also have made necessary to master them to fulfill your objectives. The awesome tongue of the creature is also suspiciously similar to the awesome rope of the thief (though it doesn’t work exactly the same way)

Finally, in our game, the environment will be your worst enemy too. Yes, our cave will be crowded with strange monsters… but sometimes a closed door, or a bunch of spikes can be worst than anything.

These are the similar features… we are trying to make similar scenarios too, but they are still not as great!

This is all, the truth is that the game basis, the mechanics and the objectives are very different, but it is impossible to compare them a little bit. Maybe because there are just a few games that look like the old platform ones nowadays…

Keep keeping an eye on us, folks! And remember…

the creature will be released,

september 2010


2 Responses to Game recommendation: Trine

  1. Maxim says:

    I’ve played Trine before I knew about you guys and I loved it. It’s great to see you get inspiration from Trine, cause it is simply an amazing game! ^^
    very nice!

  2. Ithil says:

    I’m still half way around the game, but I agree with your review/recommendation.

    The game is visually stunning, indeed, and the base mechanic was quite interesting as well. My favourite character was the Thief (grappling hook + ranged attack is a win-win for me ^_^) , and the Wizard was also pretty cool. While I was expecting your typical elemental spells-based magic, the telekinetic/materializing (don’t remember the exact name used in the game) abilities turned out to be really original in return.

    My main gripe was with the physics. It’s not so much a ‘defect’ as a subjective impression of mine, and it’s not even specific to Trine, but in several games boasting that they’re using [[insert your physics engine of choice]] the final result tends to fail both visually (objects move clumsily, the rebounds seem unrealistic even for an unreal scenario such as those we can see in games, etc) and, at times, gameplay-wise.

    I am aware of how difficult it is to get a physics simulation working, but it seems as if most times it is there just for the sake of being a ‘cool’ feature. On Trine at least it’s a really important part of the gameplay, but still, I found it a bit lacking.

    /me reminds certain statement by a teammate saying something along the lines of “hey! let’s add this completely bland, unrelated and useless box to our game so we can break it, push it around and show off that we’re using a physics engine”. ¬_¬

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