The doors

Our game has a stage select, that allows you to play old levels again and again using new abilities that you hadn’t the first time you visited them.

But is not a menu, the stage select is a level itself. A safe cave without enemies, or spikes, where you can wander and enter to the different areas through doors.

We talked about these areas and these doors in an early post of this same blog, but there is a little bit more to explain.

When you enter one of the five different doors you will get into a smaller cave with smaller doors, one per level.

These are the level doors:

The ruins door… No, is not matrix, is an ancient civilization with strange technology!

The cave door. Of pure stone, completely made by mother nature!

The mine door, completely minimalist… we are on a mine not in a fashion museum!

Jungle door… decorated with all kinds of plants (even trifids)And the volcano door… it doesn’t seem much safe, isn’t it?

There is one more door… is not easy to find, and is very strange… personally I don’t know where you will go if you use it. (Actually, is a lie. Of course I know, but I love mysteries…)

There is just one thing to say about this door… is as cute as one of those funny little creatures!


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