The Mask – Part3

I’m still trying to find one of those masks… I need to study them to see if they can be a threat by themselves or if they are just simple objects used by organized monsters.

Things are getting worse… those masked foes are everywhere; the whole cave belongs to them now.

All the funny little creatures that wandered once inside these tunnels have disappeared. They all have been caught, and now they are trapped inside lots of cages along the cave. I want to help them, but I’m scared of those monsters. There’s nothing to do. I can’t free them, I must remain in the shadows… watching, learning more about all these terrifying beings.

I still think that the mask must mean something. Maybe the mask represents a divinity, maybe some mighty and unholy creature is controlling all these beings. Maybe the creature of the legend…

I don’t know… but I must find a mask to steal. I’ll keep searching, and writing everything I find.

– the silent explorer


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