Game recommendation: Abu Simbel profanation

Today, I’m going to talk about Abu Simbel profanation, a game created by Dinamic, on the 80’s.

The game is about a brave explorer that got into the Abu Simble temple. Then, a curse tuned him into a small strange creature with two legs and a big mouth.

It’s hard to overstate the cruelty of this game. It’s not hard… it’s simply evil. All the obstacles are based on timing your steps and your two different jumps (a short and a long one).

There are different kind of dangers, and you have to think fast and have great reflexes to pass every room. Their creators were proud of its difficulty and they offered a money reward to the first one wo complete it.

Of course there was a limited number of lives and you had to restart the whole game if you lose all of them.

One day somebody told me that the creature was actually the Abu Simbel 3.0

Our gameplay is completely different, we have a different plot, different enemies… both games are completely different, but when you play abu simbel; when you see that spherical creature walking and jumping inside some cursed ruins… it’s impossible to see some similarities.

That’s why we decided to make a tribute to abu simbel inside our game! There is a secret way to find the abu simbel temple inside the cave… and you will be able to play a few levels of the original game! (but it will be a little bit easier).

The abu simbel game, or one of its unofficial remakes can be found for free download on lots of sites! Try it if you dare, but be patient because is a very difficult challenge!
You can play it online here:
Abu Simbel Profanation
Abu Simbel Profanation
Controls: Left, Right, Ctrl for jump and Ctrl + Down for short jump… Good luck!


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