The five areas

The game is almost finished!

Now we are linking all the levels between them… There’s still a lot of work to do!

Here you can see the five ministage selects, one per ambient:

There’s a magic awesome cave to explore!!


3 Responses to The five areas

  1. Sean says:

    Typo Alert:
    Ruins: “Now IT is a desolate place..”
    Crystal: “..magical area HAS never been..”
    Mine: “…These tunnels WERE once full of sound…”

    Not trying to be nitpicky; just wanting to make sure the game is released in pristine condition. 😀

    I can’t wait!

  2. Sean says:

    oh, and “prophecies” is misspelled in the first description! (once again, not being a stickler to be mean, just to help out in any way I can on such a great looking game!)

  3. Thank you for your help!
    All these errors are now corrected.

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