Warm welcome

As you may know… yesterday, the release date, was almost impossible to download the game.

This happened due to the high number of downloads that we had on the firsts hours. Our server was not able to survive to as much traffic.

But the problem is fixed now! You can download the whole game from megaupload or from another server! Check the Download section again!


We are sorry for the delay on the release, and we want to thank you for your patience.

Also we have to say that we are very happy with the warm welcome “the creature” has received. Not only for the big amount of downloads, also for things like our first analysis:


A new blog about videogames which will make daily posts, just like us! They have made our first analysis, so it deserves a special mention in our blog. Thank you, elpulgaradolorido!

And thank you all for your interest and your patience!

We hope you will enjoy the creature game!


2 Responses to Warm welcome

  1. Mario says:

    Enhorabuena a esos españoles!!
    Estuve probando el juego pero por mas que busque no se como acceder al nivel Jungle boogie. Los anteriores niveles ya los hice y consegui las cajas secretas que pude (sin cuernos)
    ¿Que necesito para abrirla?

    • No se puede! Se trata de un horrible horrible bug, que ya hemos corregido.
      Simplemente descárgate de nuevo el juego y reinstálalo sobre el antiguo. Se solucionará y además se conservará tu partida guardada 😉
      Perdonad por las molestias!

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