Jungle troubles

There was an annoying bug in the jungle world. If you have one of the first game releases, it won’t be possible to acces to the level “Jungle boggie”.

We apologize for that error. Now it is solved, and everything will work just fine!

You need to download the game again (from any mirror) and simply reinstall over the old version. You will be able to complete the whole game and you won’t lose your previously saved game.

We apologize again for the troubles, and we hope that you enjoy playing “the creature” game!

Thank you!


3 Responses to Jungle troubles

  1. Per says:

    So, npw that I did the Jungle, I get down to the Volcano, and the first door is locked.. Great.

  2. That’s completely true. This bug must be fixed inmediately. The last release is being uploaded right now.

    Also, we have to throw 40 CD copies of the game to the trash.

  3. Per says:


    I am yet to try the patch for volcano-level, But I am really enjoying the game so far, just hard enough to keep me entertained for an hour or so(two on first play-through)

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