One Level Walkthrough

October 30, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Today we have a post resolving one of the levels in the game 😉

That level is pretty special for us cause it’s the first level created that we include in the game (previously we created more levels but anyone passed the cut). It’s not the first version of the level, obviously we had to remake it many times.

The level we are speaking about is Jungle Boogie, the last level in the Jungle Area.

Enjoy it! 😉


The creature meets Braid!

September 24, 2010

This is obviously fake.
Our game is not Braid, and we don’t pretend to look like it. This is just a funny video that we have done with respect:
Because Braid is and will be simply the best 2D sidescrolling game ever.

We love you Braid!

“The creature” is on the final part of the development process, the whole team is crunching and…

There won’t be time travelling. Sorry!

The creature will be released on 30 of september of 2010!

OST – Volcano

September 22, 2010

One of the two songs in volcano… this one is for quiet levels

Volcano theme

Later (today) we will upload the second one: the volcano march! Be patient!

Choose your destiny

September 22, 2010

All the different stage selects together in a single video!
Here are all the levels that will be available in the release of 30 of september.

Keep an eye in the creature (if the video compression lets you)… you will be able to see the creature evolving!

As you can see in the video… evil awaits at the end of Volcano.

OST – Ruined melody

September 16, 2010

The ruined melody belongs to the “ancient ruins” ambient.

Ruined melody

Is an exotic walking music, inspired by old spectrum games such as “oh mummy!”.

Perfect for any dungeon with egiptian or maya style 😀

Creature skills: Survival instinct

September 10, 2010

Well, actually this is not a creature’s skill… but the video is pretty cool, so I think you will forgive me.

You won’t be able to rely on the creature itself when fire chases you!! You will need your own survival instinct and to be fast as hell, to get away from a burning jungle!

You can try if you want, but you simply…

can’t stop the fire.

OST – Jungle Rhythm

September 9, 2010

This song is for the jungle ambient, for the action stages… there will be another one for the quiet and peaceful ones.

Jungle Rhythm

The song needs to be equalized again, and we will record some instruments in live, but you can hear it now on its beta version.

Remember that the whole OST will be available with the game (including the awesome awesome trailer song)

Jungle stage select v1.0

Jungle stage select v2.0