The creature enemies: The creeper

September 8, 2010

The Creeper!!! Is that charmy monster singing in the trailer!!

  • Creepers are complex creatures that have a tendency towards extreme isolationism. They are completely unsociable, and they conform contemplating other people’s lives without being seen. Even so, they are very territorial creatures, and they will attack with their long arms to anything that comes within their reach if they feel threatened (which happens almost always).
  • They only eat water, and they use their fingers to suction it. They can introduce their thin arms on narrow cracks to find water in the most extreme conditions, and they can store large amounts of water inside their enormous head. Even carrying as much water, the creepers are incredibly flammable…
  • His name is given to them by their frightening appearance and their characteristic haunting growls of old pervert.

Creature skills: The awesome awesome tongue!

September 3, 2010

The tongue, this is just another of the amazing actions the creature can do.

It can do lots of stuff depending where you aim… There are lots of possibilities, and we don’t want to show them all yet, but we are going to let you see the most basic ones (the ones in the trailer):

Hang from ceilings and pull objects!

But there are more possibilities… if you follow this blog maybe you have heard about buzzers and how can you use the tongue with them! But, really, if you want my advice:

Shoot it everywhere, everywhere you can! On ceilings, platforms, boxes…

The tongue can really do everything, except liking (that would be disgusting…)

Tip: don’t try to use it if you have eaten something spicy. It can be dangerous.

OST – Choose your way

September 2, 2010

Another piece of our original sound track, this time the song is called “choose your way” and it fills our stage select scenario:

Choose your way

A peaceful and meditative music, for a place without any danger at all… where you will only have to worry about which way you will choose.

But not everything is peace and meditation in this game… sometimes you will have to fight, fight, FIGHT!!

– Obviously, there WON’T be hadokens in our game.  –

From Draft to Craft

August 29, 2010

We have developed a new trailer, with more ingame features (we have received some comments saying that the first trailer was funny, but it would be better with ingame content)

So here it is: “From Draft to Craft”, a short video showing the evolution of the project, from the paper to the computers!

More information every day in this blog; thank you so much for your support!

We love you so much that we are giving you another free wallpaper!!

Creature skills: Wall walking

August 27, 2010

The wall walking is a very useful skill if you are trying to reach high places.

The creature can walk on sticky surfaces no matter if they are grounds, walls or ceilings.

But it has some limitations, is easy to fall down if you do strange things such as change your form, use your horns, jump… if you want to stay stuck, I beg you: just walk! (you may find an uncomfortable landing on spikes if you don’t follow this advice).

Anyway… you will only be able to stick on these strange green mucus… but who or what has spread them along the cave? It’s difficult to know, but maybe you can find the answer inside the cave…

OST – The mine song

August 26, 2010

Another song from our original OST!

This song is from (guess what) the mine ambient!

The mine song

This song is not as natural as the “crystal lullaby”. It sounds more artificial as the ambient that represents; long and narrow tunnels built in the rock by an unknown civilization, and full of all kinds of machinery and strange artifacts.

But it has also a walking tempo to keep you on the mood while you try to solve the different puzzles and obstacles that you will find in that woody ambient.

The Creature enemies: The sniper

August 25, 2010

—One of the evil masked foes that the creature will find inside the cave is the dangerous sniper. Here are some important facts that will help you to understand and face them:
  • Snipers don’t need to defend themselves due to their ability to shrink and hide underground, where they can remain for long periods of time absorbing calcium and other minerals of the rocks, which are transformed into food and bullets by its body.
  • Even so, they are incredibly aggressive creatures that really enjoy inflicting pain and practicing marksmanship. They are the only wild creatures of the cave that kill just for pleasure. They are always looking for some prey to riddle and tend to emerge from the rock suddenly to surprise their victims.

  • Their center of spatial perception is located in the extreme of its guns, which gives them an amazing aim, no matter if they are upside down; hanging from the ceiling.

Be careful if you find them… your best option will be to flee from them, but you can try to use their bullets for your own benefit.

A free fancy wallpaper!!