Coincidence? Nope! Serendipity!

September 28, 2010

Dead Rising 2 is a Capcom game designed by Keiji Inafune that has been released just a few days ago.

It’s a Japanese superproduction, where millions of dollars have been invested and hundreds of people have worked in its development.

The game is about a zombie outbreak (zombies are simply lovable). The main character, Chuck Green has to survive and protect his daughter using everything in his environment as a weapon.

But why are we talking about this game in our blog?? It can’t be related with the creature!!

Oh yes, it can.

This is Katie; Chuck’s daughter. One of the most important characters in the game.

And what’s that cute blue staff hanging from her bag!??! What can it be?!!? Can it be THE CREATURE!?!!?

Yes it is.

Thank you, Mr. Keiji Inafune for using our character in your magnificent game! We are very honored.

We are even considering adding zombies to our game to correspond you. (Actually we wanted to add zombies since the first day…)

The day is coming! We are terrified! Just wait a little bit more… the creature is about to be released!


The creature meets Braid!

September 24, 2010

This is obviously fake.
Our game is not Braid, and we don’t pretend to look like it. This is just a funny video that we have done with respect:
Because Braid is and will be simply the best 2D sidescrolling game ever.

We love you Braid!

“The creature” is on the final part of the development process, the whole team is crunching and…

There won’t be time travelling. Sorry!

The creature will be released on 30 of september of 2010!

Release date!

September 19, 2010

As you know, the release date is coming!

The game will be available on 30 of September… and we are working very hard!! (The last part of a videogame development is like HELL!)

There will be an official presentation of the game on 5th of October, on CaixaForum, Barcelona; and we will also be on the “meeting gamers” in zaragoza on 15-17 of october!

But today we want to know something about your opinnion:

The creature will be available only for PC, but… which platform would you prefer to play it??


September 15, 2010

Actually it’s not dangerous at all… it’s not even an enemy… it’s just that there are no enemies left to show. Only the bosses. (The stomper has suffered a tragic accident and will not be available in the first version of the game).

And we are not going to explain the bosses… not yet!!

So here it is, our first (and only, I hope) fake post, enjoy it!

The game designer of “the creature game” is not exactly like this. His skin is not yellow and he has not as much hair. But actually, he is the easiest one to draw because he has… BEARD, GLASSES and LONG HAIR! YEAH!

To compensate this crappy post, we will give you exclusive content… the last ambient, currently being built… VOLCANO!

The DRODs (Deadly Rooms Of Death)

September 12, 2010

Actually, the DROD is a 1997 computer videogame, but for us is something else…

In a videogame development process people with different skills work together. The programmers, the concept artists, the 3D artists, the game designer or even the marketing guys… they all have different competences and personalities, and it’s difficult to find a good way to make a good communication between them, and keep the work in the right direction.

And even in our small group, we needed some way to make sure that everybody had understood the mechanics of every asset before programming or modelling it.

That’s why, as a game designer I created the DRODs!

A DROD is simply a playable room where you have nothing to do at all, only interact with an asset in the way it’s explained. Every time a DROD was completed, we tested it to be sure that everything was working fine before taking another step. It’s necessary to finish a DROD before proceeding to the next one… which turn videogame developing into a gradual, organized challenged, like a game itself.

This has been a good way to organice us, because we assured that all the work would be introduced into the game (the DRODs also work as a checkpoint. If a DROD can’t be finished, we have to change the following ones, but the previous work keeps untoched).

Also they have a little bit of irreverent jokes. It’s a document that has to be checked a lot of times, so It must not be boring.

Note: these DRODs are from the very first part of the development process. Some mechanics have changed, and we decided not to use the xbox controller so… don’t freak out if something doesn’t work just like in these DRODs!

One of the first DRODs… just to explain the basic movement (it was imperative to prepare this before preparing any interactive asset: if the creature can’t move… how is going to interact with anything???)

The Rolling skill!! Don’t forget that (sometimes) this is a Roll playing game! You will start the game just rolling, so… if rolling is not satisfactory… that would be bad, everyone wants nice begginings when they play!

Also, there is a little comic from (there was an empty space)

How the horns will work! Actually they will work a little bit different and it won’t be posible to break things on the sides, just up and down!

With the creature ready, there are some assets that need to be created!!

And boxes, buttons and doors… one of the pilars of any good boxesandbuttonsanddoors game!!

This is all for now… there are more DRODs, but there are things that must remain secret for now…

Don’t forget to check the blog tomorrow, a nice post is coming!!!

The creature around the world!

September 5, 2010

The creature is growing bigger with your love!

There are lots of sites talking about us, spreading “the creature” trailer everywhere.

We want to use this miscellaneous post to show some of them, (the ones that we found by ourselves), and give thanks to all of them, the ones in this post and all the others. Thank you guys!!


We really love seeing your interest and enthusiasm, and we will keep working harder and harder until the release date!

You’ve a long long way to roam…

From Draft to Craft

August 29, 2010

We have developed a new trailer, with more ingame features (we have received some comments saying that the first trailer was funny, but it would be better with ingame content)

So here it is: “From Draft to Craft”, a short video showing the evolution of the project, from the paper to the computers!

More information every day in this blog; thank you so much for your support!

We love you so much that we are giving you another free wallpaper!!