Work in progress

August 4, 2010

Hi there! It’s time to put the cards on the board and explain our project, in this first introduction we are going to explain the game basis and what’s been developed up to now. In future posts we will see the lastest progress, the evolution of the actual habilites and some new features until the release of the project at the end of september.

Game basis

“A long time ago, there was an incredible creature with outstanding powers wandering freely around the world.
It brought chaos and destruction everywhere it passed and no one was able to face it.
But one day, the seven heroes of the light joined their forces to fight the evil foe, in a long and glorious battle that lasted one hundred years.
Finally, they realized that it was impossible to destroy the creature, and they decided to split it into seven pieces and hide them deeply into a giant dark cave and pray for the creature to remain slept.
But now, thousands of years later, the creature has awakened.
It’s hungry, but it has something to do before feeding… it needs to find all the parts of it’s body to be completed and reach the surface once again.”

You play as a powerful creature that has been beaten and locked in a cave by some mighty heroes of light. They split its body into pieces preventing it to use any abilities. Luckily the creature is still able to move and think, and it has the opportunity to get back its body parts and, with them, recover its original powers. But it won’t be easy because it must pass across all kinds of obstacles and defeat lots of terrifying enemies that lure into the cave along five different ambients to reach its limbs. This is basically the challenge that the game purposes.

Game development

The team consists in 1 game designer, 2 CG artist and 2 programmers, but we are an amateur team, and sometimes we have to doing some work that is out of our specialization.

We are using Unreal Development Kit, one of the best game engines today that gives us a powerful graphics results and a lot of facilities. But to take profit of it we have learned how to use his tools and the programming language of it: unrealscript.

For the moment we have a full controlable creature, with sounds, animations and almost all the abilities that will be used into the game.

But the creature abilities are not the only thing that we will need to master to progress through the cave; there will be some objects too: like the typical box, a pushable button, levers, platforms, fans, etc. These objects interact between them. For example you can use a box to push a button that opens a door or activate a fan to throw a box to the other side of a wall.We have also an introduction level, a walkable stage select, six levels implemented and some others designed but not implemented yet.

The enemies are almost finished, but we are working on final bosses too, trying to find a surprising challenge for the players.
(The rolling floors level)

The Creature Project

June 27, 2010

Hi and welcome to the first post of this blog.

We are a team of game developers who are working on a new and original game, called: “The Creature”. We will use this blog to post news about the game.

We are going to upload videos and screenshots of the game to show here some feature, and the progress of the development.

The game is being done with Unreal, and it will be released on september…

See you soon.