The mask – final chapter

September 18, 2010

The mask… I had to try it… It’s strange…

It feels warm…

So comfortable… So heavy…

I can’t… I…

I must… protect it… the mask… my new master…

The cave is in peace now… The creature…

It must be released.

– Nobody


The Mask – Part4

September 11, 2010

The mask, finally I’ve found it

I’ve found something… I was right, it was just as I expected. There is something alive behind all this.

I’ve found it, I’ve found that monster behind the mask. That horrible creature is controlling everything. Now it controls the whole cave…I don’t know if it has seen me… it’s eyes where like fire. I’m so scared right now…

I managed to escape. I have a mask, I need to study it… I will write my conclusions after experimenting with it. It’s so heavy.

I hope I will learn something useful to fight that monstrosity. It’s imperative to destroy it before it reaches the surface.

The creature must not be released.

– The silent explorer

The Mask – Part3

September 4, 2010

I’m still trying to find one of those masks… I need to study them to see if they can be a threat by themselves or if they are just simple objects used by organized monsters.

Things are getting worse… those masked foes are everywhere; the whole cave belongs to them now.

All the funny little creatures that wandered once inside these tunnels have disappeared. They all have been caught, and now they are trapped inside lots of cages along the cave. I want to help them, but I’m scared of those monsters. There’s nothing to do. I can’t free them, I must remain in the shadows… watching, learning more about all these terrifying beings.

I still think that the mask must mean something. Maybe the mask represents a divinity, maybe some mighty and unholy creature is controlling all these beings. Maybe the creature of the legend…

I don’t know… but I must find a mask to steal. I’ll keep searching, and writing everything I find.

– the silent explorer

The Mask – Part2

August 28, 2010

It was a bad idea to get out from my secret refuge and explore the cave once again. Everything is so changed…

That creepy face painted on the walls… I still don’t know what it is, but is more than a simple decoration. Now the cave is crowded by strange monsters wearing this symbol as a mask. Everything seems to be profaned.

I don’t know what they are; I have never seen anything similar before… and they are not friendly at all. I have to be careful if I don’t want to get killed by one of these abominations.

I want to know if they really have a face under the mask… maybe that mask is actually their face. I will try to steal one of these masks if I find one of them sleeping.

I need to know more…

– The silent explorer

The Mask – Part1

August 21, 2010

What does it mean?This strange symbol is painted everywhere in the cave…

Is strange, because the different civilizations that have inhabited the cave always lived in separate areas, so… who has spread this symbol everywhere? What does it mean?

I find it specially disgusting, it doesn’t seem to be friendly at all. Also, I’ve experienced that the areas where it’s painted are significantly more dangerous than the others. I need to know more about it, explore a little bit more and try to find something about it’s origins or it’s meaning… if there is something evil growing inside this cave, I need to know it as soon as I can.

Maybe is related to that terrible creature that was trapped milleniums ago… Maybe it’s trying to escape once again. I hope I’m wrong and all this is just a joke of one of that funny little creatures.

— The silent explorer