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For contacting with the team you can write to:

Or check the “Team” page for individual mails.

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– The creature will be released –

September 2010


5 Responses to Contact us

  1. Daniel Laikhter says:

    I can’t find your game, it looks really cool! I voted for the 3 head awards just based on the trailer, but I still want to play it. All the download links don’t work including the “illegal” ones. I tried searching for torrents and etc, but still couldn’t find it. Can you make a new link somewhere? or direct me to one?

  2. ariel says:

    i have a problem in the last part of the game.All the dors of the final stage are closed how i proced??

    • Hello Ariel!
      When megaupload was destroyed, we had to reupload the game to rapidshare, but we made a mistake and we uploaded an old version with the last stages blocked.
      The problem should be fixed now. If you download the game again and simply reinstall, you won’t lose any saved games!

      Thank you for playing The Creature and sorry for the inconveniences!

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