The creature has been released! You can download it from one of this mirrors.

Download “The creature” game from Mega

Please, internet, stop destroying our files.

Besides, you can download “the creature” (“illegaly”) from one of this links (Actually, you can’t. They are all down. They were on megaupload):

• Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
• 2.0+ GHz processor
• 1 GB system RAM (2 GB recommended)
• SM3-compatible video card (NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card)
• 1.5 GB free hard drive space

You can also download the whole OST from this link:

Download “The creature” OST from rapidshare

Some notes:


  • While in game you can press [Esc] to pause the game and access the pause menu.
  • You can see a controls section in pause menu where we explain how to control the creature.
  • The game is automatically saved if you complete a level. This save can be reset in the pause menu options.

Change Log:


-Fixed a bug that blocked the first volcano level. The game is fully unlocked, now.

– Cake improved.


-Fixed a bug in Can’t stop the fire… the next level (Jungle boogie) didn’t unlock.

– Music added to “the awesome tongue”.

– Cake fixed. Now is even tastier. Have you find it?

– Fixed a bug in Platform a lot level.
– Mirror 1 updated to a megaupload link with new version. You can overwrite your old installation without losing the saved game.

– First release of The Creature Game.


22 Responses to Download

  1. Per says:

    How about a .torrent? make one, put up a link here.

  2. Pedro says:

    Hi again guys, previously the requirements were a little different, for example, the memory: “2GB system RAM”(minimum) and “8GB System RAM”(Recommended); ¿why now this change?.However “8GB System RAM” was too much. This is a correction to the initial requirements?.

    And finally, other question… i have a graphic card nvidia geforce go 7600 with shader model 3 support and 256MB of dedicated memory, intel core 2 Duo processor (1.66GHz). ¿I could run this game?

    Greetings from Colombia and congratulations for this game.

  3. pedro says:

    I forgot to put this, i have 2GB system RAM.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. Those are the UDK default requirements.

    And… yeah, we agree, 8GB it’s too much. You will be able to play it with 2GB.
    Also, remember that the game can be played in low-resolution mode, so you may be able to play it with no trouble.

    • Pedro says:

      Thanks team, and the last question; when the installer initiates it shows a window to download .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 SP1, this means that: 1) ¿i don’t have this updated? or 2) ¿the installer download it any way without checking the version of .NET FRAMEWORK that i have?.

      Again thanks for your time and greetings from Colombia.

      • Don’t worry about udk installer messages, some times it is only cheking if you have the needed software while showing a generic message in screen that says it is downloading.

  5. siri says:

    No torrent? I’m puzzled…

  6. Chofo7 says:

    Hi, I’m doing a game in UDK, but some things still do not understand, I know how to use the event Garda, I want you in my game you can save your progress, I hope your answer, thanks.

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  11. Mac says:

    Hola, ¿habra version para Mac)

    • Al estar desarrollado con UDK solamente se puede ejecutar en PC.
      Puede que haya futuras versiones, en cualquier caso aún no hay nada decidido.
      Seguid mirando el blog para conocer noticias sobre futuros planes.
      Gracias por el interés!

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  13. Some truly nice stuff on this site, I love it.

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