Fixing Issues

October 7, 2010

Hello everyone, we have recieved issues to let us know that in some computers, the performance in the level Cant Stop The Fire is so low and it’s impossible to finish the level. We have a temporary solution until we release the next version of the game:

All you have to do is go: The Creature Game/UDKGame/CookedPC/MapsĀ  and overwrite with this file:

Hope this fix the issue!


At last!

October 5, 2010

The last version is already updated. You can now download the game, and everything will work just fine.

No more permanently blocked doors (they were no funny at all).

This should be the last release. If we make future versions it will be for small improvements, instead of fixing unforgivable blocking bugs.

We want to thank you for your patience again; we are doing our best and there are simply too many things to do at the same time.

We hope that you enjoy “the creature” game! (At last!)

Final release

October 5, 2010

It’s unbelievable.

We are really ashamed, but there is another bug blocking the entrance of the first volcano level. This bug appeared fixing the last one.

We were very busy preparing the presentation of the game, and we didn’t notice this last bug.

A new release will be available very soon, and the game will be completely ready with this last one.

While you wait, you can download a fix to keep playing if you want.

Simply insert this file into C:\UDK\The Creature Game\UDKGame\CookedPC\Maps

And complete jungle boogie again. The first volcano door should unlock without troubles.

Jungle troubles

October 4, 2010

There was an annoying bug in the jungle world. If you have one of the first game releases, it won’t be possible to acces to the level “Jungle boggie”.

We apologize for that error. Now it is solved, and everything will work just fine!

You need to download the game again (from any mirror) and simply reinstall over the old version. You will be able to complete the whole game and you won’t lose your previously saved game.

We apologize again for the troubles, and we hope that you enjoy playing “the creature” game!

Thank you!

Warm welcome

October 1, 2010

As you may know… yesterday, the release date, was almost impossible to download the game.

This happened due to the high number of downloads that we had on the firsts hours. Our server was not able to survive to as much traffic.

But the problem is fixed now! You can download the whole game from megaupload or from another server! Check the Download section again!


We are sorry for the delay on the release, and we want to thank you for your patience.

Also we have to say that we are very happy with the warm welcome “the creature” has received. Not only for the big amount of downloads, also for things like our first analysis:

A new blog about videogames which will make daily posts, just like us! They have made our first analysis, so it deserves a special mention in our blog. Thank you, elpulgaradolorido!

And thank you all for your interest and your patience!

We hope you will enjoy the creature game!

The creature must be released!

September 30, 2010

Today is the day!

Our game is finally available to download, completely free!

Download it now in our “Download” section!

Enjoy its 20 challenging levels through five different areas: Ruins, Crystal, Mine, Jungle and Volcano.

It has also 20 collectible hidden objects + terrifying bosses + 2 extra bonus levels + 1 extremely happy and mysterious area with lots of secrets + 2 alternative endings + a whole original soundtrack composed specifically for the game.

Everything has been developed by five master students during a year.

This is the first version of the game. There will be a depurated release later, in october.

We really hope that you enjoy playing “the creature” game.

Thanks for your support!

The day has arrived

September 30, 2010

Today, the creature will be released…